Prima Studio | Corporations
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Providing content & tech solutions for corporations

Warming Up Your Leads 

Your company’s offerings are amazing, yet your sales staff still has trouble closing deals and spending too much time chasing elusive clients.


Whether you are a B2B or a B2C company, we’ll assist you in implementing inbound marketing solutions to give your sales force what they want: A lot of hot leads.


We’ll follow the lead of your in-house marketers in developing strategies, such as determining your website’s gated and ungated content, selecting your social media channels, establishing brand and key messages.


We can audit your online assets, including your website and CRM, and advise you on inbound marketing (ebooks, newsletters, white papers, automated emails, SEO) and other content marketing options. Our audits may also include serious research, examining your competitors and your target markets. Then, we implement and execute like crazy.


Website, email platforms (ActiveCampaign), CRM (Salesforce), social media ads, landing pages, and SEO work – all will be aligned, synced and integrated.


  • Message. We’ll also create the tremendous amount of cohesive content you’ll need to drive your digital strategies. Content that is personalized. Funneled. Informative. Valuable. Spot-on.
  • Technology. Our analytics gurus will look at the data collected by your digital platforms and channels, analyze potential customers’ behavior, then help you score and segment them according to their needs and interests.


Collaborate with us to warm up even the coldest of contacts, and watch your hard-working sales team close more deals, more quickly.

The Prima Way

With the internet exploding with marketing channels and platforms,  many companies’ digital assets – website, CRMs, social media, email automations – have grown piecemeal. Subsequently, their marketing expenses do not bring the anticipated boost in sales.

Exercise:  Estimate how many hours your sales team spends chasing hot leads vs cold leads.

Is the ratio ideal? Does your sales team have an efficient way to manage and nurture their leads?

A successful content marketing strategy is one that integrates and aligns your assets to powerfully support your sales force.

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